Pinnacle Landscape service was a pleasant surprise when I suspected I needed to replace a stop and waste valve just before Christmas. Their response was immediate, friendly and priced reasonably. I truly expected the job to be gruesome and take a couple of days. They dug a hole 4 ft x 3 ft x 4 ft deep, found the problem and replaced the stop and waste in slightly over two hours. I checked the water meter and found it stopped after the repair. Having watched the whole process, I was very pleased to notice the extra care they took to do the job right. In the event of a problem, they warranty their work for a year, which gives me even more security. I’m delighted to recommend them. Casey Hales was honest and pleasant to work with. Wish I knew the names of the two workers, both with years of experience, who worked hard in the cold, among huge rocks to get down to the valve. Thanks so much. I will be happy to use your services whenever they are needed.

Brown McMillan